Our service is designed to make serving your child fresh, healthy organic food easy. Here's how it works:

    Farm Sourced

    We source the freshest organic ingredients from our local farming partners.

    Freshly Prepared

    Our commercial kitchen freshly prepares healthy, organic meals for your child.

    Home Delivery

    Our partners at SupperBell deliver directly to your home 5 days a week.

    Serve & Enjoy

    You serve and your child enjoys – everyone is happy.



    We started Baby Fresh Organics out of necessity.

    Our twins were nearly ready to try their very first foods and, like many new parents, we had questions.


    Which foods first? Store-bought or homemade?

    Homemade requires time we didn’t have.


    If we went the store-bought route, which brands could we really trust? And how fresh is it, really? 

    Add to this the pressure of including superfoods.


    What are they? And where do you get them?

    Of course, we didn’t want to just feed our babies. We wanted thoughtful and purposeful nourishment from the very beginning to help the twins thrive. And we quickly discovered other parents felt the same way.


    So, we partnered with a Holistic Functional Nutritionist to create Baby Fresh Organics.


    Barclay, little Barclay, Randi & Sailor

  • Approach

    Our approach is simple: use only nutrient-dense, organic ingredients, sourced seasonally and locally whenever possible, to make fresh, hand-made food for your child in our Denver kitchen and deliver it the same day, directly to your door.

    Functional Nutrition

    We’re rooted in functional nutrition that is evidence-based and backed by science. Our philosophy for feeding babies is thoughtful and purposeful since every bite counts, yet fun and flavorful, because food should be!

    Foods that Nourish

    We focus on first foods that nourish and are developmentally appropriate based on the unique biochemistry of a developing digestive system. Our Holistic Functional Nutritionist approves every recipe, so you know your child is getting the right nutritional balance.

    Devoted to the Next Generation

    Armed with the knowledge we’ve gained as we’ve navigated building this company from scratch, we are devoted to nurturing the next generation. Our passion for giving kids the best possible chance to thrive is at the core of everything we do. It’s our mission to make it easier for parents to provide excellent nutrition, so you can spend your precious time with them, and watching them grow.

  • Our Feeding Philosophy

    Beyond providing healthy food, we’ve developed a Feeding Philosophy to help parents give their babies and children the most nutritious start in life. It underscores our commitment to thoughtful and purposeful nutrition, so you can rest assured that each recipe has been crafted based on our nutritional framework.

    Nutrient Deficiencies/Growth and Development

    Our approach to providing nutritious complementary foods to breast milk or formula and beyond acknowledges that certain nutrients essential for growth and development like iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin D and some B vitamins are not passed through breast milk or formula in adequate amounts and certain nutrient deficiencies are common in infants and young children. We select foods based on their nutritional profile to provide a wide variety of nutrients.

    Neurological Function

    We embrace the critical importance of healthy omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA and nutrients like choline to support your baby’s neurological function and overall brain development.

    Robust Immune System and Healthy Gut Microbiome

    We know the foundation of baby’s microbiome takes shape during the first 1,000 days, which is pregnancy plus the first two years of life, and that we can help nurture the development of a healthy gut and a robust immune system through proper nutrition, from the very start.

    Developmentally Appropriate Foods

    We understand that babies aren’t just tiny humans! They have their own unique biochemistry. We honor those differences and their journey of development with the most nourishing and age appropriate foods to help them thrive.

    Macronutrient Balance

    We acknowledge the importance of macronutrient balancein every meal, at every age. This means selecting high-quality proteins, healthy fats, and whole food carbohydrates for all of our products because it’s never too early to start teaching children the value of a healthy, balanced meal.

    Flavor and Taste

    We believe introducing kids to different flavors, tastes and consistencies from a young age and teaching them about the importance of real food will help to nurture healthier, more adventurous eaters as they grow.


    We’re also acutely aware of the advantage superfoods provide in a baby’s diet. Therefore, we include foods like bone marrow, liver, bone broth, probiotic foods, sea vegetables, and superfood spices to support our Feeding Philosophy.


    By approaching baby food through this nutrient-focused lens, sourcing the very freshest ingredients, making food from scratch daily, and delivering it right to your door, Baby Fresh Organics empowers parents to give their child the best possible start in life.


    Choosing Baby Fresh Organics promotes optimal health as your child transitions

    from breast milk or formula to purees, blends and solids.


    All of our ingredients are organic and sourced seasonally and locally, whenever possible.


    We offer products for four different stages of childhood:

    Simple purees for first food introduction.

    More complex puree blends to introduce new textures.

    Foods to refine pincer grasp, dexterity and ease the transition to kids meals.

    Nutrient-dense kids meals to nourish a growing body and broaden the palate.

  • STAGE 1

    Beet Pureé

    A lovely blend of bright red and golden yellow antioxidant-rich beets and coconut oil. This buttery smooth basic pureé supports your baby's natural detoxification pathways and primes baby's palette for earthy flavors.

    STAGE 2

    Chicken + Pumpkin + Butternut Squash + Nutmeg Blend

    Our tasty basic chicken pureé paired with nutrient-dense pumpkin and squash. This blend is savory, yet the winter squash and nutmeg make is slightly sweet. It's blended with bone broth for a super boost of nutrition plus ghee for healthy fat. With variety and macronutrient balance, this blend makes for an easy take-and-go meal for your baby.

    STAGE 3

    Wild Sockeye Salmon + Turmeric Zucchini ‘Zoodles’

    + Cauliflower Finger Food

    Our yummy wild sockeye salmon is infused with flavors from our 72-hour stock, which includes nutrient dense sea vegetables like kombu and anti-inflammatory super spices like turmeric. This dish packs a lot of punch with brain boosting omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. Kids love picking up the mineral-rich 'zoodles' and feeding themselves. Paired with cauliflower florets for a perfectly balanced meal.

    STAGE 4

    Meatloaf + Yam + Broccoli & Cauliflower Meal

    Our signature meatloaf recipe includes grass-fed beef, organic eggs, goat kefir, sweet potato, parsley and our special 72-hour stock. The stock is made with nutrient dense sea vegetables like kombu and anti-inflammatory super spices like turmeric. Served with the cruciferous combo of broccoli and cauliflower alongside roasted yams.

  • Heating Instructions

    Stage 1 and Stage 2 foods are ready to serve as is, heating is not necessary. Many babies enjoy room temperature foods. However, if you would like to warm foods for your baby we recommend transferring to a small saucepan and gently heating using a low setting. Using the lower setting will ensure that you don’t burn the food. Test temperature before serving.


    Many parents love the ease and convenience of the microwave for heating baby food. To heat baby food in the microwave, transfer food to a glass microwave safe container. You should not use plastic to heat foods in the microwave. Heat the food in 15-second increments and stir after each heating. When the food has reached the desired temperature, stir one final time to ensure no hot pockets are left to burn baby’s mouth. While we don’t recommend this option, whether or not you use the microwave is a decision only you can make.


    Our purees, blends, and small bites are made fresh for every order and delivered to your door through our partner, SupperBell, a Denver-based, chef-inspired, 5-star meal delivery service. To shop our products, simply click the link below and you’ll be redirected to the SupperBell website. Same-day orders must be placed by 3PM, or you can order in advance and select your delivery date. You might be tempted to order dinner for yourself while you’re at it.